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Exploring opportunities towards Net Zero


On a mission to connect world problems with impactful organisations by collectively sharing resources, risks and rewards in this path to achieving Net Zero and a 'just' Climate Transition.

We are a group focused on collaborative projects to drive commercial, environmental and social value. This project looks to bring insights, research, market intelligence, funding and academic partnerships through our operating group and partners.

The Rapid Decarbonisation Project is powered by Pineapple Partnerships, a B Corp organisation that looks to regenerate business models from solely making profits to drive shareholder value, to business models that focus on value creation that benefits people and the planet. 

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All collaborators are committed to deliver a 'just' Climate Transition and believe that acting now is the right thing to do.

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The Rapid Decarbonisation Project is expected to deliver the following benefits to organisations that are part of the program:

  • Shared learnings and insights to support the strategy around how you engage on decarbonisation topics.

  • An opportunity to shape and drive initiatives that deliver value and that could not be delivered by acting alone.

  • Access to a broader pool of resources across the partner organisations and project office that you can share.

  • Leveraging proven processes to deliver results through collaboration in a mixture of physical and virtual settings.

  • Transferable, implementable, quick wins and actions that can be shared between organisations.

  • The scoping of meaningful projects that deliver environmental economic and social value.

  • Access to research capabilities, living labs, sustainability accounting data and analytics to help solve problems and make business cases for rapid decarbonisation.

  • Subprojects coming out of the Rapid Decarbonisation Project Offices delivering further action in decarbonisation.

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for our Net Zero projects that are delivering action in decarbonisation and solving world problems.


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Climate change is one of the greatest threats we face and taking fast action with cross-collaborative groups is key to driving the innovation needed to rapidly decarbonise.

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